Revlon Vital Radiance Brow Powder


Ebay – £1.20 – £2.99

I follow some truly great bloggers out there, who give great make up and skincare recommendations. However, I am still yet to find a blogger who has posted about this little gem, which is hidden in amongst thousands of other eyebrow fillers on Ebay. I don’t know how I found it, but I am so happy I did.

Vital Radiance is a brand stemming from Revlon, but to be completely honest this is the only product i’ve tried from the range. It comes with two shades, a mirror (for easy application throughout the day) and a little brush. The filler comes in three shades: 002 Blonde, 004 Brunette  & 006 Dark Brunette. Due to my pale complexion and blonde hair I went for shade 002, and its perfect. I know everybody has different tastes in brow style, but personally, I like mine looking natural but still prominent. So the two colours in the palette together are perfect and better than any pencil i’ve ever tried, as you can blend with the little brush provided.

This palette has lasted over a year now and still going strong! I will definitely be repeat buying, as its the most inexpensive yet completely effective make up must have in my bag. It’s well worth popping in your Ebay basket if your in the market for an eyebrow filler.

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