Beetle Juice

Beetle Juice Trend

Top Right – River Island – Black and White Rihanna Painted Stripe Shorts – £35.00

Top Left – River Island – Black and White Stripe Clip Top Purse – £17.00

Bottom Right – Motel – Skinny Jordan Jean in Black and White Stripe – £48.00

Bottom Left – Topshop -Stripe Print Satchel – £34.00

For all those who have seen Rihanna’s new collection for River Island, you will know its made up of neon limes, asymmetric backs, beetle juice prints and distressed denim. (Half of the range is now completely sold out online).

I’ve never been into the whole ‘beetle juice’ trend before as it has always seemed a bit ‘grunge’, excuse the stereotype. With Rihanna modelling the way, maybe I psychologically think it is a more cooler trend and likewise so do other high street shops? Either way, I am now absolutely in love with it, and I hope with anticipation that Primarni do some great knock offs.

The funniest thing with this trend is that two days before Rihanna’s collection was released My Boyfriend and I went to Cambridge, and he mentioned that he liked the beetle juice style jeans on girls. So, he is obviously one step ahead.

My only critique with the Beetle Juice trend, is that I do think it needs to be teamed with heels and not flats, as it excenuates the stripes and gives you longer looking legs (perfect for me, as I am 5 ft 2 nothing). I think this reason alone, is why men, like my boyfriend enjoy the Beetle Juice print.

Anyone else loving Beetle Juice?

Go on, make my day and leave me a comment. I read every single one. Thanks!! x

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