Not a Smash Hit – Smashbox Primers


Smashbox – £25

I purchased this Primer in good faith that it would banish my occasional redness and help hide any blemish breakouts.

It’s green, so in my mind I was thinking “Yes, the colour will counteract the red-y tones and I will be left with a perfectly coloured face.” This was false hope. My face possibly resembles the colour of The Incredible Hulk when in use, which is obviously a no-go.

Although the colouring is not quite right, I do love the feel of this product on my skin, it feels velvety & smooth. I have purchased the clear ‘Photo Finish Primer’ and its considerably better as there is no unwanted tinge, but the primer from Smashbox that really stands out was actually a sample in the delivery box called “Photo Finish Luminizing Primer’ also £25. Sadly, i’ve finished the small sample but this primer definitely holds its promise to give skin a radiant glow and I would give it a 8/10.

The award for my favourite primer goes to Benefit, as always.

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