Microwave Your Mini Eggs!

Mini eggs


Asda – £1

So yesterday I nipped to Asda and bought some Mini Eggs and my friend suggested I microwaved them and oh my god is pretty much all I have to say! I swear down, that they taste nothing less than amazing. I really think Cadburys should put it on the pack as a serving suggestion because eating Mini Eggs in the normal manner just doesn’t cut it! I regret not doing it sooner to be honest as the shell remains hard and crispy, but inside is a warm melted gooey chocolate.

The method is really simple, place the mini eggs into a microwavable bowl and heat up for roughly a minute. (Timings may vary on the power of your microwave, please don’t quote me or hold me responsible for burnage.)

My last comment on the matter is what am I going to do after Easter when Mini Eggs become extinct for another year?



2 thoughts on “Microwave Your Mini Eggs!

  1. Mmmmm is all i can say! So glad I visited your blog and found this little gem! Already recommended this tip to my friends. x

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