Creating Waves


Enrapture Wavers – Ebay – £40

Enrapture Hair Wavers have been my god send on days where my already messy hair decides not to cooperate. So pretty much most days. Although my hair is naturally curly, depending on products used and my method of drying that day, it can be a complete 90’s nightmare. The wavers are a fairly large contraption, and at first I didn’t think I could handle them as they are quite heavy due to the titanium plate technology.

They don’t take long to heat up, roughly 30 seconds until they hit peak temperature and are ready to use. They do have a temperature gage for heat control but I have mine up on full whack constantly, because my hair can be stubborn and hard to style if a lot of heat isn’t applied. I normally leave my hair in the barrel for about 30 – 40 seconds, but the longer the hair is left in, the more prominent the wave.

So there it is, my secret weapon! Perfect for trips to the beach and summer festivals, as low maintenance is required. In the summer, I like to wear flower clips in my hair for a more boho/beachy style.

For a tutorial on how to achieve different waves with this styler, visit this site:

One thought on “Creating Waves

  1. How cool is that! This look is great with your hair. I’m really impressed. I didn’t know something like that even existed. It looks very natural.

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