Jar Contains: Galaxy Caramel Mini Eggs, Dairy Milk Caramel Eggs, Lindt Miniature Bunny, Smarties Chick, Mini Eggs, Aero Lamb, MaltEaster Bunnies and Cadburys Creme Eggs. (All purchased on Multi-buys at Morrisons)

This year I was stuck on what egg to give my boyfriend for Easter. He, himself is a good egg and therefore, deserves the best egg I can find! Instead of committing to one chocolate brand, I went mad after work and bought lots of cute miniatures and popped them into a jar. The black and the green ribbon is to make the jar look like a ‘Mans’ jar, as men do like to feel manly.

If you don’t fancy giving away a jar of mini’s to your loved one, you could give the present of ‘Eggs in an Egg’. You will need to buy a large easter egg (any brand) and eat half yourself. I know this idea has just become a lot more appealing to those who have a sweet tooth. With the other half of the egg, pop all the mini’s inside the hollow part. So it looks a little bit like the beautiful Hotel Chocolat egg. But of course, for a fraction of the price! Finish off, with my favourite wrapping – cellophane and ribbon!

If you have a go at making an Easter Jar or Eggs in Egg, I’d love to see the end results!

For another easter idea, check out my Microwave your Mini Eggs post here 

Go on, make my day and leave me a comment. I read every single one. Thanks!! x

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