Spot on Skincare


Natural Elements – Anti Spot Kit – £24.99
(Image used from Website)

So everybody has seen the annoying ‘Proactiv’ TV ads, where Katy Perry is talking about her acne prone skin, and how the products miraciously worked on her? It’s a bit overkill for me with the Proactiv brand, as it seems false and pushy almost? For example, offering umpteen deals + cash back + every other marketing ploy under the sun. That said…What Katy Perry allegedly feels towards ‘Proactiv’ brand is exactly how I feel about ‘Natural Elements’.

I really really really do think that their products are 100% worth it and are responsible for my clear skin today (Minus the odd blemish).

A while back, my beautician recommended this kit for my skin because she knew I struggled with confidence due to my icky spots! The problem with the acne skincare in drugstores, is that they kill the infection, but at the same time damage the skin cells. Thus, creating more infections for spot break outs. Natural Elements unique selling point, is that they have done research into skin cells and in particular, their regrowth when organic oils are applied. The proof is in the bottle, as the products are extremely gentle on the skin.

The kit contains 1 x Oily Facial Wash, 1 x Oily Moisturiser and 1 x Spot Serum Gel. I personally got on better with the face wash and the moisturiser, because I felt that my skin was fresh after use. The spot serum made my skin feel a little bit sticky, however I did use it consistently and within 2 weeks I saw a visible difference. I used this kit for up to two years before moving on brands, mainly because I was scared if I didn’t use it my skin would turn grotty again.

My skin has massively improved and I guess I have natural elements to thank! If just one person buys this and gains visibly clearer skin, I will be chuffed! It really does work.

Go on, make my day and leave me a comment. I read every single one. Thanks!! x

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