Spot the Céline Dupe

Bag daupe

Ebay – £17.95 + Postage & Packaging
Céline Bag – Unpriced on Céline Website
(Pictures taken from the websites)

When a bag is unpriced on a designer website, you know it means two things. One, that it will set you back big money, and two, every Tom, Dick & Harry will smell it and comment on it’s leathery scent & feel. This is without a doubt my Mum’s favourite saying when bag shopping – “Ow Amy, smell the leather”. If anyone has an idea of the RRP for this bag please let me know, but i’m 100% sure that the price between the two bags will be pounds apart.

There is an obvious quality difference between the two, one being real leather, but the physical appearance between the two is uncanny. Minus not having the Céline logo of course.

What a perfect dupe for not even quarter of the price. Colours range from neons to nudes. What’s not to love?

What are your favourite Ebay dupes?

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