Aztek Wrapping

Wrapping ScarfMatalan – Aztek Scarf – £6.00

My zodiac sign must be highly compatible with March babies, because I have had lots of birthday princesses this month – Happy Birthday to you all.

Me & My friend Hannah from Han Made Jewellery (Blog on her jewellery here) clubbed together for our close friends birthday present. Instead of using boring wrapping paper, we used an Aztek print scarf to wrap the goodies up (Aztek is a great trend for this season).  We got her some dolly shoes and a skirt. She had pointed out these to us, earlier that week when going on a naughty shopping trip in Colchester.

Truth be told, this idea wasn’t all us, we did go to Lush Cosmetics the day before, and was impressed on how they wrapped up the bath bombs in a pretty scarf. So, we decided to nab this idea to wrap up Lydia’s birthday presents.

So why do we use wrapping paper? Surely when its ripped, its unusable? So, why not wrap prezzies in a pretty scarf that can be re-wearable? Its also an added gift for the recipient. Perfect.

Go on, make my day and leave me a comment. I read every single one. Thanks!! x

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