Going Out With A Bang – Rimmel Apocalips

Big Bang Lips 2

Big Bang Lips

Rimmel – Apocalips Lip Lacquer – Big Bang – £5.99 in Boots

I am super fussy when it comes to lip wear, as I find lip glosses far to sticky and lipstick far to dry. Luckily this product is a half way compromise to both a gloss & stick.

I am constantly in and out of my Vaseline pot, and my lips are often caked in Petroleum Jelly, but when I wear lipstick it seems to show every line and impurity on my lips. In all honesty, I find coral colours are the main offender for this, which is the biggest shame, as Coral suits my pale complexion. On a positive this product did not show any unwanted impurities. So I am now waiting for Rimmel Apocalips to release a coral coloured lacquer.

So on my lips in the photos, I am wearing ‘Big Bang’ which is a very daring bright red. I wore it on Saturday night and was really impressed with its stay-on power. I applied the lacquer only once when out and understandably that was after a few Jäger Bombs. During the night out, I didn’t feel bare on my lips as the lacquer stayed a prominent matte red. I am not to keen on the watermelon taste, but the scent wears off soon enough.

There are 8 lacquers available in the Apocalips range, from nudes, to rose blushes, to vampy dark colours. In my opinion it is well worth a trip to Boots. While in Boots, I also recommend the Rimmel Accelerator Endless Mascara!


2 thoughts on “Going Out With A Bang – Rimmel Apocalips

  1. Big bang looks really pretty. How was it’s staying power? Will hve to grab one tonight in Boots. Great post! xx

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