Roly Poly For Your Hair

Roly Poly

Hair slide

Up do

Boots Roly Poly- £5.39
Scale of 1 – 10 on difficulty – 8 for Easiness

First the Doughnut and now the Roly Poly, what dessert is next? The Eclair, or the Cheesecake? Either way, I am loving this 80’s inspired up-do. Its easy to achieve, and great for a quick up do. I plan to wear my hair like this on Saturday night for dinner with friends. I might loosely wave the hair closest to my roots for a more messier look, but its not bad for a first attempt!

This look is called the ‘Hollywood Roll’ I believe, but the Roly Poly lets you create other various styles. To achieve the ‘Hollywood Roll’, I undone the Roly Poly from the popper, so it was in the shape of a sausage and placed it at the bottom of my hair. I began to roll my hair upwards, ensuring that my hair was tight to my head, to avoid stray bits. I then slided in some hair grips and adjusted my hair slightly, and woo-lah! Easy as that.

What do you think to the Roly Poly?



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