Where Does Your Nail Varnish Belong?

photo 2-1Fridge

Yesterday Me & Mum were discussing where Nail Varnishes belong at home. My argument against keeping nail varnishes in the fridge is that before purchase, they are kept in a shop which is presumably around an ambient room temperature of around 21 degrees. So why the sudden refrigeration? My ever-so loose argument for keeping nail varnishes in the fridge is that, I’ve heard that the cooler the varnish, the more even the coat. What do you think – Fridge or Drawer?

5 thoughts on “Where Does Your Nail Varnish Belong?

  1. I never heard that you should do a nail polish in the fridge. However, I have heard that you should put your eye-pencil in the fridge if it’s hot and your lip balm. But who knows, I’m not a professional 🙂

    • The lady I babysit for keeps her nail varnishes in the fridge, gets me every time. Thanks for the tip on the eye pencil! If this poor weather picks up I will give it a go! x

  2. I’ve never heard of putting polish in the refrigerator. Do you really see a difference in the eveness of the coat when it’s cold?

    • Yeah! Apparently so, its crazy! I’m making space in our fridge at home for a few of my favourite polishes. I’ll let you know on the even application, I read an article online saying its to do with the chemicals? Who knows! x

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