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Cupcake – £5.95 for 75g of goodness

I popped into Lush earlier this week with a friend, who needed a remedy for split ends. Being two girly girls, we ended up staying in there much longer than anticipated. I ended up purchasing the fresh ‘Cupcake’ face mask. I won’t lie, my main reason for purchasing the mask was purely because it was called ‘Cupcake’ and I thought it was super cute.

I have never used a ‘fresh’ face mask before, as I tend use the cheap-ey Japanese Montagne masks, and I have to say I was completely made up with this product. The idea of a fresh face mask is much more appealing because I know that its full of goodness. Whereas, long life products nearly always have a helping hand from harsh chemicals and excessive oils. The lady recommended that it is refrigerated for a full three weeks, but i’m slightly nauseous that someone in my family will tuck into it thinking its a cupcake type dessert. She also told me that it needs to be disposed of after 3 weeks from purchase, to avoid mould. I think spending a little bit more money on a mask may encourage me to do it twice a week, as advised.

As for the scent, it is beautiful. The actual mask is made up of Cocoa Powder and Cocoa Butter, along with Spearmint, Peppermint and Vanilla notes. It’s got a very chocolatey scent, if your in the market for a confectionary type mask! The lady advised that it would work well with oily skins, so it was a recipe for a satisfied customer as my skin is combination to oily.

The texture is a lot thicker than the packet masks, but I happily accept that. My line of thinking is that the thicker the mask, the better the results. Not sure how true that is. Unfortunately, when I took off the mask, the product clumped together in tiny little balls. Whoever uses the sink next may get a lovely surprise of a blocked up sink. That aside, my skin feels beautifully soft and fresh. I’m excited for my next application of the mask, and will definitely be branching out into the other mask varieties available in Lush.

Also, a massive positive to Lush being an eco friendly company is that if you take back five clean full size pots, you get a free fresh face mask!

Whats your favourite face mask? x

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