MUA Undress Me Too Review





Superdrug – Special Offer of £3
(Mannequin faces I have swatched on are from Google Images)


After reading a positive blog on the MUA palette, I rushed to Superdrug at the first chance I had. The blog completely post sold me on the MUA palette, if you would like to read the full article, click here. The main jist of the post was that it was the perfect Urban Decay ‘Naked’ palette dupe (RRP £30). The MUA palette is retailing at a super bargain price, £3. No typo, yes £3!!

I quite often swatch the Naked palette at the Urban Decay stand and drool over the colours and quality. Being a semi-broke student, justifying buying the UD palette is incredibly difficult. So the MUA palette for now, suits me down to the ground.

I’ve worn a few colours so far, but mainly Shy on my inners and Lavish on my outer eyes. I felt that the two together gave me the perfect eye frame, as sometimes lots of dark colours make my eyes look overly fierce. It stayed on all night long, so all I had to bother with was lippy touch ups! However, the combinations of eye shadows are countless.

Will you be purchasing the MUA palette from Superdrug?




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