Old Times Crunch – Chocolate Crunch

chocolate crunch

At my Primary School Chocolate Crunch and Custard was the bee’s knees. A couple of weeks ago, my boyfriends Mum bought us a slab back home and it rekindled an old love of mine. Turns out, all these years my Mum has had an almighty crunch recipe. So it was only right that I baked a batch and blogged about it.


8 oz of Self Raising Flour
8 oz of Plain Flour
8 oz of Caster Sugar
40 g of Cocoa Powder
2 Eggs
200 g of Butter


1. Measure out all the dry ingredients and pop them into a blender, or whisk if you have the arm muscle.

2. Crack the eggs against the cup and whisk.

3. Pop the whisked eggs into the dry mix and blend.

4. Melt the butter over the stove and also, into the dry mixture and blend.

5. Make sure the egg reached all the dry patches, and then pour into a tray. I use silicone trays because they are so much easier but pre & post cake making.

6. Pop into the oven on 200 degrees for roughly 30 minutes.

7. Take the crunch out the oven and let cool for 45 minutes and lift from silicone tray.

8. Dust with icing sugar.

Serving suggestion: Chocolate Custard for the ultimate ‘school dinner’ vibe.

Go on, make my day and leave me a comment. I read every single one. Thanks!! x

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