My Dreamy Casetagram

Case 1


Casetagram – $39.95 (USD) + Free Worldwide Shipping
Roughly £26.00 (GBP)

So today I found out about a website called Casetagram. The photo above, pretty much gives away what they sell & offer! For those who aren’t entirely sure still,  it’s is a website that allows you to create cases from your Instagram photos. Alternatively turn normal Facebook photos into an Instagram-style photo with one click. The website offers grayscale, sepia, lomo & western effects.

The big bonus is that you can buy cases for whatever electrical accessory you fancy, from Galaxy Note to iPad covers. So this idea makes a fab birthday gift for a loved one. My boyfriend just purchased an iPad mini, so I plan to sneakily make him one soon of all our photos.

I have no idea about the quality of these cases, but if they look as good as they do on my screen I will be purchasing them by the dozen, for all my electrical goods.

I love looking back through photos, so why not have them on my case?

Visit their website here & be sure to check out their Facebook page for some more creative ideas.

Go on, make my day and leave me a comment. I read every single one. Thanks!! x

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