Camomile Tea – Natural Hair Lightener


During the week, I read a blog on natural hair enhancers as i’m all about embracing the blonde! Not sure whereabouts the article was from in the blogosphere, so I can’t link it I’m afraid. But I read that tea is a really good colour enhancer on your hair, its cheap as chips as well.

Use Earl Grey to enhance dark brown tones
Use Blackberry Tea to enhance light brown tones
Use Lavender Tea or Summer Fruit Tea to enhance red-y tones
Use Camomile Tea to enhance blonder tones

So I popped down Sainsbury’s hot drinks aisle to give it a go. The guidance given was to boil the kettle and pour into two large mugs. However, I’m not to keen on having boiling water near my face nor scalp, so I used the hot water tap to make some tea. You will definitely need 2 – 3 cups, as you need to cover your hair completely in the tea. I’m not going to lie, it does smell. Leave for around 10 minutes to soak, like you would a good conditioner. Then wash out with your normal hair care routine.

After drying my hair I did feel a little bit blonder, I don’t think its noticeable to others, but what’s noticeable to me is totally worth the while. If anything, my hair felt softer. Bonus!

2 thoughts on “Camomile Tea – Natural Hair Lightener

  1. I’ve used it in the past Amy and yeah I do think it slightly lightens the hair – good for wanting the hair to look at bit more ‘summery’ and no nasty chemicals xx

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