Tee 2

1. Ulrike Sandals – £20

2. Samira Top – £12

3. Kimmie Skirt – £15

4. Emma Tee – £12

(Photos from Website)

Two fashion posts in a row probably means I’ve been doing a little too much internet shopping in the last 24 hours. But, I just HAD to tell you all about my new found love for clothing brand Monki. For those of you who are like ‘Monkey what’, Monki is a staple brand in the blogging community.  Unfortunately, Monki has just the one store in the UK *sigh*, it’s in Carnaby Street, London. A little closer to home is their online shop, where I have racked up an impressive basket total. (If only I could press ‘Proceed to Checkout’ and pay with magic beans).

Above our some of my picks, and my absolute favourite spy from the website is the Sandals! With an iridescent, ever changing band at the front of the sandal. They are so mystically pretty! I can’t wait for the summer months to rock these beauties.

I love the two tee’s, Lily Pebbles from What I Heart Today sported the Emma Tee in her latest video, and I think it’s a great basic tee. The stripey tee is just so me, there is not other justification other than its right up my street.

The Kimmie skirt comes in various colours & patterns, but I choose the Aztek design. It looks comfy and airy so it’s great for humid summer nights…if we ever get good weather again!

In conclusion, check out Monki now!!!! –

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