Topshop Frilly Socks


Converse – Women’s all star hi trainers – £45

Collage Socks

Topshop Socks – £3.50 each of Multisave offer of 3 for £8.00

I went into Topshop at the weekend for a browse, and I had previously promised myself that I’d veto the clothing section and head straight for the socks. Yeah right…!

Socks aren’t really my calling in life, and I rarely sport a pair, but I do love me some frilly top socks. Maybe because they remind me of primary school? Anyways, I purchased a white, lilac, peach and mint pair but there were also Gingham socks available for a proper old school vibe.

As you can see from above, I’ve duo-ed my tatty old converse with my frilly socks. I think that because Converse is a unisex brand, adding some frills makes it feel all woman-ly.

How do you style your frilly socks?

2 thoughts on “Topshop Frilly Socks

  1. This is such a cute idea! I love frilly socks but can never decide how to wear them, but I like this style 😀 thanks for sharing! xx

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