I thought I would share with you all, my favourite website – ‘Achica’. It’s a members only luxury lifestyle store, and even though it sounds like you have to pay big bucks to join, you don’t it’s free, free, free! It’s a bit like Secret Escapes, where you have to sign up to see the deals of the day. With categories from Homeware, to Fashion, to Travel.

I check on this website every morning for bargains, a MASSIVE SECRET is they occasionally sell Louis Vuitton at a discounted price, and they are 100% genuine. The iconic Monochrome Speedy Bag was on there a month or two ago, for £285, when they retail at £435. I sobbed for hours that I didn’t have the money to purchase a Louis. Besides LV, they stock other designers such a FCUK, DKNY & Gucci and they all often appear with ridiculous discounts. I saw Ray-Bans on there recently too.

Fashion aside, I always check out the travel deals on this website. The hotels always look stunning, the kind of places you’d expect to see the Sex & The City cast, and some are at an affordable cost. Even to us students. Mama & Papa White went to a hotel in the UK, via this website and they said it was amazing. So thats living proof that the pictures don’t lie!

Hope to see you all signing up to Achica soon. At the moment, for every friend I invite, I get a £10 voucher, as so do you! It’s a win, win! So, if you fancy signing up for some dealage, click on the link here:

TODAY ONLY (23/04/13) they are selling Lomography camera’s at a discount – perfect for photography blogs!

Go on, make my day and leave me a comment. I read every single one. Thanks!! x

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