Blakeney Point – Seal Trip

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On the sunny saturday just gone, my boyfriend & I travelled up to Blakeney Point in Norfolk to go see the seals. I won’t attempt to even try and type a seal sound, but you know the noise they make! I went to Blakeney Point for a meaningful reason I probably won’t share, but it really made a great day trip. We saw lots of families on the boat, who were checking out the seals and making a day of it too. Just to be clear there wasn’t the occasional seal…there was 1,000 just lazing around on the beach, chillaxing! Rows, and rows of the lazy species – apparently they spend 90% of their life laying. Starting to think I was a seal in a previous life. I liked the fat speckly seals, they were pretty. So all and all, go visit them! My photos aren’t that brilliant with a bumpy ride, a water spray it was hard to keep my hand still, so apologies. Cromer is half an hour away from Blakeney Point, so there is plenty to do.

Total day cost:
£20 in Petrol
£3.50 to Park
£20 for 2 Seal Tickets on Mr Beans Boat
£20 Nando’s on the way home, as I refused to have a fish sandwich from the Pier.

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