L’oreal Skin Perfection Miracle Oil


£7.99 in Boots
£3.98 in Superdrug
No Brainer!

I was watching tele the other day, and I see an advert flick on for the L’oreal Skin Perfection Miracle Oil. The model demo-ing the product had long tanned legs, and I thought I’d put it to the test on my short, pasty legs. So I totted along to boots, and like a mug I paid full price, not knowing its half price in Superdrug.

After a week or so of testing this product, I have stopped using it on my face and started using it on my legs. In one simple sentence, a big yes on the legs, and a no to the face. I have quite oily skin, so sticking oil on top is probably not the smartest of ideas, but the bottle says it dries in 15 seconds, so I thought maybe I could start using facial oils. Truth be told, I can’t. My forehead looked far to shiny and my make up didn’t hold the next day. It also bought me up in spot, however that claim may be a coincidence. On a brighter note, it has done wonders for my legs. They feel softer touch and firmer. It dries super quick too on my legs, which is probably telling me to moisturise a lot more. The scent of the product is neither here nor there, it hasn’t a distinctive smell like some oils, and the product runs clear so no orangey tinges.

This is just my opinion of the product, but please let me know what you guys think? x

Go on, make my day and leave me a comment. I read every single one. Thanks!! x

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