The Best Burger – Gourmet Burger Kitchen


The Taxidriver!

The closest Gourmet Burger Kitchen to me is Cambridge & Lakeside, so it’s quite a hike, but completely worth it. So when my mamma hen said we could visit GBK on Wednesday, I was delighted, as no cambridge visit is complete without the cheeky calorific trip.

It’s one of my favourite restaurants, like ever. My other favourites for reference are:

  • Milsoms, in Dedham
  • Farmer Browns, in Norwich
  • The Noodle Bar, In Colchester

But as far as Burgers go, GBK is the one. The actual burger is great, but its the sauces, relishes and toppings, that I love most! My usual is the cheese, bacon & BBQ sauce burger and Aaron normally has the GBK sliders. We get like Adam Richman excited about our food in GBK. (Bloke from Man Vs Food.)

The milkshakes are so good as well, the monthly special is Peanut Butter at the moment, but I love the Oreo shake! They are probably horrendously calorific as they are made with Yeo Valley ice cream I believe.

Download the GBK App if your planning to go, I have received a free BBQ sauce & chips, just by having it on my phone! Result.

Go on, make my day and leave me a comment. I read every single one. Thanks!! x

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