Perfume Review – Givenchy Dahlia Noir



Photo taken from Boots website



After spraying practically every item of clothing that I own with this perfume, I thought I would share it with you all. You know that feeling when you think a shop assistant is staring at you? Well, I always feel like I’m being watched in my local Boots, and I probably am, because I spray this scent all over the shop, quite literally. Nearing the ‘banned’ list I imagine.

For those of you that don’t know, I am a pauper for only one more month – hurrah, hurrah. So when I receive my first full-time pay packet, I plan to buy myself this fragrance. It is £42 for 30ml or £61 for 50ml, so its très expensive but the smell is utterly gorgeous.

Givenchy this fragrance must be based on Talcum Powder, right? It smells identical! I even caught my friend saying “I can smell baby”. No baby, just me. Not sure whether thats a good thing or not, but I love Talcum Powder personally. Its a beautifully clean scent. However the Givenchy scent has slightly more woody notes than baby powder, but its definitely a summer scent.

Go have a wiff in your local Boots, just don’t go in every week like I do.

2 thoughts on “Perfume Review – Givenchy Dahlia Noir

  1. That name, Black Dahlia, is ugly, we should let Beth Short rest in peace instead of using her horrible story to sell perfumes. A few weeks ago I was in Levallois-Perret, near Paris, and arrived at Givenchy’s corporate offices with this horrible Black Dahlia ad in front of them. The door was open. I had the chance to meet M. President’s assistant, a woman about 50. She never ever heard anything about Beth Short. I find this terrible. I told her I would call her back to be sure that M. President deliberately used Beth Short’s story to sell more perfume.

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