Primark – The Spaghetti Strap Cami


Primark has done it again; meet the ‘get your arms out’ spaghetti strap Cami.

If you are a Primark enthusiast, you will know that every Spring/Summer, Primark introduces an affordable upper-body wardrobe basic in a variety of colours & patterns. Primark has previously given us the Scalloped Top, the Bandeau, the Peplum and the Jersey Basic. So, it’s fair to say Primark has got our backs (and fronts) well-covered.

So get your purses at the ready because the Spaghetti Strap Cami costs only £4.00! Let’s just put that into prospective – that’s a Boots Meal Deal (or a Big Mac Meal depending on your taste).

I bought the Cami in a Butterfly Print, Plain Coral, Plain White and Plain Black – purely because they suit my colouring a little better. However, I did see the same Cami in Mint, Lilac, Baby Pink, Orange, Green and a Blue-toned Geometric Print.  So there is a colour to suit all!

For £4.00 I’m not expecting hours of craftsmanship but I do really like the quality for Primark. The material has a sheer handle to it without revealing all – if you know what I mean!

My body shape is an top heavy ‘apple’, so it’s really unlike me to wear a spaghetti strapping, reveal all number. (By reveal all, I mean bingo wings!) I’m thinking a few bicep curls, and barely there tan might help my confidence. So although I am not yet brave enough to show you the Cami on, I will tell you that the V-line is very flattering, and just under the bust there is a diagonal line on each side to allow for a more tapered drape.

Will you be investing your £4.00’s in a Cami or a Big Mac?

Go on, make my day and leave me a comment. I read every single one. Thanks!! x

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