FOTN – Going ‘Out-Out’ Make Up


Products used

Barry M Lip Boss – It’s a No Brainer
Chanel Rouge Coco – Adrienne 402

Tarte Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara
Tarte Amazon Escape Palette 2 Eye shadow – Orchid & Flora
MAC Pro Long Wear – Painterly
MAC Eye Shader Brush 239

MAC Eyeshadow – Omega
MAC Angled Brow Brush 208

Bella Pierre Dome Blusher Brush
NYX Powder Blush – Peach



Make Your Own Foot Scrub

Foot Scrub

Away from my normal kitchen ventures, today I made some foot scrub in under 3 minutes! It is fair to say its daylight robbery to buy foot scrub from any drugstore as its so cheap to make. The results, are super soft feet!

What you will need:

8 table spoons of Coarse Sea Salt
1 table spoon of Oil
1 x Fruit – As long as you can press it, your good to go. I used an orange for my scrub. You can also use food essence, e.g Vanilla extract, Peppermint, Strawberry etc.


Method is very simple!

1. Press the orange or whatever fruit you’ve chosen. Add any food essence at this point too!

2. Pop the sea salt & oil in and stir!!!

3. Apply to feet

Why not double the batch size and make some for some friends? After all, who doesn’t love super soft feet!

Magazine Freebies – May


Yes! That really is a travel size “They’re Real” Benefit Mascara for free with this months Elle magazine. The Mascara is worth £10, and the magazine is £4. Do the Maths and you get a £6 saving on this item. Wooo!

Yes! That really is a Nails Inc. Nail Varnish for free with this months ‘InStyle’ magazine. The Nail Varnish is worth £12.50, and the magazine is £3.90. So that is £8.60 saved on this item.

Total Savings = £14.60

Say YES! to magazine freebies this month, they’re great! The nail varnish colours available in ‘InStyle’ are super summary, and the mascara is great for travelling abroad and what not! All these Yes’s make me feel like the lady from the Herbal Essences ad.

Each magazine also comes with a sample of Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream.

Perfume Review – Givenchy Dahlia Noir



Photo taken from Boots website



After spraying practically every item of clothing that I own with this perfume, I thought I would share it with you all. You know that feeling when you think a shop assistant is staring at you? Well, I always feel like I’m being watched in my local Boots, and I probably am, because I spray this scent all over the shop, quite literally. Nearing the ‘banned’ list I imagine.

For those of you that don’t know, I am a pauper for only one more month – hurrah, hurrah. So when I receive my first full-time pay packet, I plan to buy myself this fragrance. It is £42 for 30ml or £61 for 50ml, so its très expensive but the smell is utterly gorgeous.

Givenchy this fragrance must be based on Talcum Powder, right? It smells identical! I even caught my friend saying “I can smell baby”. No baby, just me. Not sure whether thats a good thing or not, but I love Talcum Powder personally. Its a beautifully clean scent. However the Givenchy scent has slightly more woody notes than baby powder, but its definitely a summer scent.

Go have a wiff in your local Boots, just don’t go in every week like I do.

L’oreal Skin Perfection Miracle Oil


£7.99 in Boots
£3.98 in Superdrug
No Brainer!

I was watching tele the other day, and I see an advert flick on for the L’oreal Skin Perfection Miracle Oil. The model demo-ing the product had long tanned legs, and I thought I’d put it to the test on my short, pasty legs. So I totted along to boots, and like a mug I paid full price, not knowing its half price in Superdrug.

After a week or so of testing this product, I have stopped using it on my face and started using it on my legs. In one simple sentence, a big yes on the legs, and a no to the face. I have quite oily skin, so sticking oil on top is probably not the smartest of ideas, but the bottle says it dries in 15 seconds, so I thought maybe I could start using facial oils. Truth be told, I can’t. My forehead looked far to shiny and my make up didn’t hold the next day. It also bought me up in spot, however that claim may be a coincidence. On a brighter note, it has done wonders for my legs. They feel softer touch and firmer. It dries super quick too on my legs, which is probably telling me to moisturise a lot more. The scent of the product is neither here nor there, it hasn’t a distinctive smell like some oils, and the product runs clear so no orangey tinges.

This is just my opinion of the product, but please let me know what you guys think? x