Blakeney Point – Seal Trip

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On the sunny saturday just gone, my boyfriend & I travelled up to Blakeney Point in Norfolk to go see the seals. I won’t attempt to even try and type a seal sound, but you know the noise they make! I went to Blakeney Point for a meaningful reason I probably won’t share, but it really made a great day trip. We saw lots of families on the boat, who were checking out the seals and making a day of it too. Just to be clear there wasn’t the occasional seal…there was 1,000 just lazing around on the beach, chillaxing! Rows, and rows of the lazy species – apparently they spend 90% of their life laying. Starting to think I was a seal in a previous life. I liked the fat speckly seals, they were pretty. So all and all, go visit them! My photos aren’t that brilliant with a bumpy ride, a water spray it was hard to keep my hand still, so apologies. Cromer is half an hour away from Blakeney Point, so there is plenty to do.

Total day cost:
£20 in Petrol
£3.50 to Park
£20 for 2 Seal Tickets on Mr Beans Boat
£20 Nando’s on the way home, as I refused to have a fish sandwich from the Pier.

My Favourite Places

Dubai Burj Khalifia

1. View from Burj Khalifa, Dubai

This is the view from the tallest building in the world, which overlooks the Dubai skyline. The observatory deck is on the 124th floor of 160 levels, so the view is out of this world, quite literally. The building stands at 828 metres, over double the size of the Empire State, New York. If you don’t mind heat, or heights, Dubai is for you! Tom Cruise was seen swinging from the Burj Khalifa in the newest Mission Impossible. It without a doubt, is my number one location!


2. Padlocks on Lovers Bridge over Seine River, Paris

Paris is known for the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and the Arc de Triomphe, but what’s more romantic than the Padlocks on Lovers Bridge? Its the perfect place for those who love everything to do with love. It was a full gone conclusion, before even crossing the bridge that I just had to have our names padlocked on. It’s just so cute seeing the amount of padlocks and lovers out there. A little bit mushy of me, but I just love this bridge. I am really eager to go back, just to find our padlock 2 years on. That in itself, may take days.

Times Square

3. Times Square, New York

My last location is Times Square, as there is nowhere in the world, in my opinion that has a bigger buzz. I loved the large billboards, bright lights, amazing restaurants and foremost, the view. It’s a great place to just stand on the viewing platform and people watch. The crowd is made up of New Yorkers and visitors. I think there was just something truly magical about Times Square.

So that’s my top 3 locations, what’s yours?