Primark – The Spaghetti Strap Cami


Primark has done it again; meet the ‘get your arms out’ spaghetti strap Cami.

If you are a Primark enthusiast, you will know that every Spring/Summer, Primark introduces an affordable upper-body wardrobe basic in a variety of colours & patterns. Primark has previously given us the Scalloped Top, the Bandeau, the Peplum and the Jersey Basic. So, it’s fair to say Primark has got our backs (and fronts) well-covered.

So get your purses at the ready because the Spaghetti Strap Cami costs only £4.00! Let’s just put that into prospective – that’s a Boots Meal Deal (or a Big Mac Meal depending on your taste).

I bought the Cami in a Butterfly Print, Plain Coral, Plain White and Plain Black – purely because they suit my colouring a little better. However, I did see the same Cami in Mint, Lilac, Baby Pink, Orange, Green and a Blue-toned Geometric Print.  So there is a colour to suit all!

For £4.00 I’m not expecting hours of craftsmanship but I do really like the quality for Primark. The material has a sheer handle to it without revealing all – if you know what I mean!

My body shape is an top heavy ‘apple’, so it’s really unlike me to wear a spaghetti strapping, reveal all number. (By reveal all, I mean bingo wings!) I’m thinking a few bicep curls, and barely there tan might help my confidence. So although I am not yet brave enough to show you the Cami on, I will tell you that the V-line is very flattering, and just under the bust there is a diagonal line on each side to allow for a more tapered drape.

Will you be investing your £4.00’s in a Cami or a Big Mac?

Our First House – Renovation Project

Today’s blog post is a reflection of both Mine and Aaron’s experience of not only buying a house, but completely renovating it. I’m not going to lie, the process was long and stressful. However, it was by far the best project I have ever seen through to the end, and we reap the rewards every day. On several occasions over the last year, I have debated writing into a Home Magazine telling them our story because it’s got everything a journey should have, both struggles and triumphs.

The story so far – on the 17th April 2014 at 1pm we completed and exchanged on the sale of our very first house together. Aaron was working away in Florida at the time, and maybe that was a sign for what was to come.

Buying a house is all very romantical, so when your other half is miles away it’s all a bit emotional – or it was for me. I promised Aaron that I wouldn’t go to the house until he was home, where we could spend our first night like a couple of squatters in sleeping bags. I did upload on Facebook an obligatory keys-in-hand photo though.


With my promise to Aaron made, my Dad and Brother stepped in to check everything was ship, shape and shiny. Well it would be more appropriate to say sh*t, shoddy and not shiny! Dad called me to say the house was a dumping ground and I was round there like a shot. Queue the continual sobbing (along with a broken promise to Aaron).

Be warned – these photos are not blog worthy and to this day I am embarrassed by them – even though it wasn’t our mess!





It’s all getting a bit graphic now isn’t it? Don’t worry, two massive skips and TWENTY-something dump runs later and we’d made some serious progress. However playing stig of the dump delayed our schedule by 2-weeks, and not to mention cost us quite a bit in unexpected Skip Hire.

Finally we were left with a workable Brick Skeleton, and we tackled one task at a time.



kitchen 1


Ok, so that’s the last of the Ugly!

We are both very fortunate to have supportive Families, and my Dad in-particular ran the show as he knows the trade better than anyone. He is the Trade!

 In 5 months we managed to turn it around and transform the house completely into something perfect. Before I insert a few pictures, I have three tips for anyone thinking of renovating a house.

Tip 1 – Focus on one room at a time. I didn’t, and I got myself into a house-related pickle!

Tip 2 – Shop Online! Yes, you could go to your local Topps Tiles, but the online market is so accessible. I ordered our Tiles from, and they were amazing quality at a fantastic price. I also used Ebay to source my Steel Metal Bannister and other bits and pieces.

Tip 3 – Try and rope in as many people as you can to help – no job is too small, or no person is too small. We had a 9-year old on site occasionally! Tea, Biscuits and Chocolate Bars make for very happy workers – but that should really be Tip 4!

So without further a due, here is our final pictures. If you have recently undergone a renovation I’d love to see your photos in return! x

Kitchen done

Lounge done

Bathroom 2 done

bathroom done

bedroom 2 done


stairs done

Dining Room

The Cutest Breakfast


So this was my Mum’s breakfast on Sunday morning at Hudson & Hudson in Colchester. I mean can you imagine my Slimming World envy when this came out? Its ok, don’t feel to sorry for me – my bacon sandwich softened the blow quite nicely. Did I say Slimming World? Peh!

I am a sucker for novelties and I love the overall presentation of the Granola Bowl, so I thought it would be really nice to create this look at home. So after searching the internet I found Lakeland and Amazon were my winners!

Lakeland, Miniature Milk Bottles – £1.99 Each.\

Amazon, Miniature Mason Jars for the Fruit Compote – £4.44 for a set of 4.

Aesthetics purchased, if you really want to push that boat out – I recommend you check out Deliciously Ella’s Granola Recipe – it’s super easy to make and delicious! 

I’m about to P-bomb and say how Pinterest is this blog post.

Let me know in the comments below, if you have any good granola recipes or if you purchase any of the miniatures mentioned!

Also, shout out to Hudson and Hudson in Colchester – if you are in the area you should definitely eat there! It’s amazing!






Label Lust – Olivia Burton Watches

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 13.17.25 Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 13.16.41 Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 13.16.19


Olivia Burton – £62.00

Photo taken from Olivia Burton website

Aren’t these beauties just the cutest watches ever? I saw the Butterfly facing watch in a local boutique shop and fell instantly in love. I jotted down the brand name on my i-Phone and thought i’d check out the rest of the collection when I got home. Everyone remember the Michael Kors fad? Well, I think Olivia Burton’s time is coming! I love every single watch on the website, which features Woodland, Animal & Flower Motifs. Check out the website here.

Make Your Own Foot Scrub

Foot Scrub

Away from my normal kitchen ventures, today I made some foot scrub in under 3 minutes! It is fair to say its daylight robbery to buy foot scrub from any drugstore as its so cheap to make. The results, are super soft feet!

What you will need:

8 table spoons of Coarse Sea Salt
1 table spoon of Oil
1 x Fruit – As long as you can press it, your good to go. I used an orange for my scrub. You can also use food essence, e.g Vanilla extract, Peppermint, Strawberry etc.


Method is very simple!

1. Press the orange or whatever fruit you’ve chosen. Add any food essence at this point too!

2. Pop the sea salt & oil in and stir!!!

3. Apply to feet

Why not double the batch size and make some for some friends? After all, who doesn’t love super soft feet!