Camomile Tea – Natural Hair Lightener


During the week, I read a blog on natural hair enhancers as i’m all about embracing the blonde! Not sure whereabouts the article was from in the blogosphere, so I can’t link it I’m afraid. But I read that tea is a really good colour enhancer on your hair, its cheap as chips as well.

Use Earl Grey to enhance dark brown tones
Use Blackberry Tea to enhance light brown tones
Use Lavender Tea or Summer Fruit Tea to enhance red-y tones
Use Camomile Tea to enhance blonder tones

So I popped down Sainsbury’s hot drinks aisle to give it a go. The guidance given was to boil the kettle and pour into two large mugs. However, I’m not to keen on having boiling water near my face nor scalp, so I used the hot water tap to make some tea. You will definitely need 2 – 3 cups, as you need to cover your hair completely in the tea. I’m not going to lie, it does smell. Leave for around 10 minutes to soak, like you would a good conditioner. Then wash out with your normal hair care routine.

After drying my hair I did feel a little bit blonder, I don’t think its noticeable to others, but what’s noticeable to me is totally worth the while. If anything, my hair felt softer. Bonus!

Hoover Ponytail

In order to save time in the mornings, would you consider the Hoover ponytail?

This subject has been on my blog list for ages, but I just don’t think I have the guts to stick my hair anywhere near the end of a turned on hoover? So maybe this is as good as the post get!

My cons:
– Knotted matted mass of hair after
– Really unhygienic
– The fear of going bald if it goes wrong?

My pros:
– Save so much time in the mornings getting ready
– Less heat on my hair as I wouldn’t bother straightening it
– Neat & tidy pony

Do I, don’t I?  Has anyone other than small children on Youtube tried the hoover ponytail in all seriousness? Hoping to hear hoover success stories not hoover horror stories!

Roly Poly For Your Hair

Roly Poly

Hair slide

Up do

Boots Roly Poly- £5.39
Scale of 1 – 10 on difficulty – 8 for Easiness

First the Doughnut and now the Roly Poly, what dessert is next? The Eclair, or the Cheesecake? Either way, I am loving this 80’s inspired up-do. Its easy to achieve, and great for a quick up do. I plan to wear my hair like this on Saturday night for dinner with friends. I might loosely wave the hair closest to my roots for a more messier look, but its not bad for a first attempt!

This look is called the ‘Hollywood Roll’ I believe, but the Roly Poly lets you create other various styles. To achieve the ‘Hollywood Roll’, I undone the Roly Poly from the popper, so it was in the shape of a sausage and placed it at the bottom of my hair. I began to roll my hair upwards, ensuring that my hair was tight to my head, to avoid stray bits. I then slided in some hair grips and adjusted my hair slightly, and woo-lah! Easy as that.

What do you think to the Roly Poly?



Creating Waves


Enrapture Wavers – Ebay – £40

Enrapture Hair Wavers have been my god send on days where my already messy hair decides not to cooperate. So pretty much most days. Although my hair is naturally curly, depending on products used and my method of drying that day, it can be a complete 90’s nightmare. The wavers are a fairly large contraption, and at first I didn’t think I could handle them as they are quite heavy due to the titanium plate technology.

They don’t take long to heat up, roughly 30 seconds until they hit peak temperature and are ready to use. They do have a temperature gage for heat control but I have mine up on full whack constantly, because my hair can be stubborn and hard to style if a lot of heat isn’t applied. I normally leave my hair in the barrel for about 30 – 40 seconds, but the longer the hair is left in, the more prominent the wave.

So there it is, my secret weapon! Perfect for trips to the beach and summer festivals, as low maintenance is required. In the summer, I like to wear flower clips in my hair for a more boho/beachy style.

For a tutorial on how to achieve different waves with this styler, visit this site: