The Kernels Secret Recipe?


Sainsburys, Colchester – Original Fried Chicken Coating 300g – £2.40

Could this seasoning be the Kernel’s secret recipe? If so, it not-so-secretly lives down the ethnic aisle in Sainsburys.

Tex’s Original Fried Chicken Coating is packed with flavour and creates perfectly crispy, kentucky-fried chicken! The real bonus is that you can guarantee nice, tender pieces of KFC style chicken and not have to worry if you’ve eaten kentucky-fried rat. The seasoning can also be bought on Amazon for £4.00. Below is how I used the coating to create my KFC home style chicken.


Tex’s Orginal Fried Chicken
1 x pack of chicken fillets
1 x egg
Groundnut Oil


Step 1 – Take a saucepan and pour the Groundnut Oil in until the pan is half full. Heat the oil and bring to boil.

Step 2 – Crack an egg on the side of a mug and whisk until yellow.

Step 3 – Pour a large amount of seasoning into a small bowl.

Step 4 – Take a piece of chicken and with a brush, coat on the egg until well covered. Dunk the chicken into the small bowl of seasoning until the coating is evenly spread. Repeat, until all the chicken is coated.

Step 5 – Slowly lower the coated chicken pieces into the simmering Groundnut Oil. Wait for approximately 10 minutes for the chicken to fry, rotate the chicken pieces every two minutes to ensure even coating.

Step 6 – Wait until the chicken has a crunchy outside and remove from oil. Follow by using kitchen roll to blot the excess oil, and serve with whatever you fancy.

I know some people may have deep fat fryers so I recommend utilising them if possible, it may save oil spitting everywhere.

Anyone else think this is the Kernel’s recipe?